How A DWI Or BWI Can Affect You

Driving or boating while intoxicated is taken very seriously in North Carolina. You can face harsh criminal penalties, including jail time and large fines, as well as driver's license suspension. Even a first-time offense can result in a suspension of at least a year. Being unable to drive for such a long time will likely create difficulties for you. A knowledgeable lawyer can work to prevent these consequences.

A Criminal Charge May Not Mean Guilt

If you are found to be operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of at least .08, you can be charged with DWI or BWI. However, being charged with DWI or BWI does not necessarily mean you will be found guilty. It is important to seek legal help early in the process so an attorney can immediately begin investigating the facts of your case.

You are probably anxious about what will happen next but we know what defenses are effective. Some aspects of your situation we will investigate include:

  • Was there a valid reason you were pulled over?
  • Did the officer have a valid reason to test for intoxication?
  • Did the officer follow procedures correctly?
  • Was the breathalyzer test administered correctly?
  • Did any factors skew the breath test results?

Act Quickly After A Criminal Charge

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