Lincolnton Sex Offenses Lawyers

Defense for Sex Registry Violations

Child pornography is typically a federal crime that carries not only jail time, but also inclusion on the national sex offender registry. This registry and its rules continue to strengthen over time. The Jacob Wetterling Act (1994), Megan's Law (1996), the Pam Lychner Act (1996), the Jacob Wetterling Improvements Act (1997) and the Adam Walsh Act (2006), also called the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), have all increased the impact of certain types of sex crime convictions.

The North Carolina General Assembly created the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry in January 1996. It states, "The General Assembly recognizes that sex offenders often pose a high risk of engaging in sex offenses even after being released from incarceration or commitment and that protection of the public from sex offenders is of paramount governmental interest." Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Programs, § 14‑208.5.

There are many rules that accompany a lifetime on the sex offender registry. At The Jonas Law Firm, P.L.L.C., our Lincolnton sex offenses attorney helps those who have violated sex offender registration rules, including:

  • Use of Facebook or other social networking site (Class I felony)
  • Failure to report in person to the sheriff's office (Class F felony)
  • Failure to inform the registering officer about student enrollment (Class F felony)
  • Violates residential restrictions (Class G felony)
  • Tampering with the satellite-based monitoring system (Class E felony)

Sexual Assault Defense

We understand the criminal justice system at a very deep level and can provide an aggressive defense. At our law firm, we have defended successfully defended charges such as:

  • Child abuse
  • Incest
  • Indecent exposure
  • Internet child pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual assault (rape)
  • Sexual molestation
  • Solicitation

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