Meet The Jonas Law Firm Attorneys

At The Jonas Law Firm, our attorneys are not generalists. Each of us practices in just a few areas of law. Some of us, such as Johnathan L. Rhyne Jr., concentrate on a single practice area.

We believe this serves our clients, who gain the benefit of a focused legal practitioner. We believe it also serves our lawyers, who are able to gain additional expertise and skill by focusing their attention in specific areas of law.

Our Lincolnton, North Carolina, law firm has a storied history of results and service. Each of our attorneys can claim Lincolnton ancestors and many of them are related to a Jonas family member by birth. We are a multigenerational law firm serving multiple generations of clients.

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We welcome inquiries and would be happy to help you. Please call either 704-666-1210 (Lincolnton office), 704-666-1210 (Gastonia office), or 704-483-2016 (Denver office) to schedule an appointment or send our lawyers an e-mail to arrange for a consultation.