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As we age, we naturally think about end-of-life issues and this is when many of us consider a will. Creating an estate plan is important for every adult, regardless of age. At The Jonas Law Firm, we see firsthand how a thorough estate plan helps our clients decide on important issues and ensures that others honor their wishes. Estate planning puts you in control of your assets.

What Happens If You Don’t Have An Estate Plan?

Many people procrastinate on creating an estate plan because it can be unpleasant to think about or they do not realize how important a plan is. However, you should consider one for several reasons.

If you happen to pass away without a will, the state of North Carolina is in charge of distributing your property and making decisions about your estate. It will proceed without any knowledge of what you would have wanted.

Estate plans are not just to protect your assets after you pass away. You can legally state your wishes regarding your health care in the event that you cannot make decisions for yourself anymore by executing a Health Care Power of Attorney.

Create A Plan That Protects What You Care About

Rebecca Pomeroy and Richard Jonas are our law firm’s estate planning attorneys. Mr. Jonas has been practicing law for 50 years, and Attorney Pomeroy is a fourth-generation lawyer with the firm.

They chose this area of legal practice because of the satisfaction of helping people and giving them peace of mind about their future. We understand that these can be emotional decisions. We are here to guide you through these choices and in the best ways to accomplish your goals.

We can build a well-rounded plan that meets all of your needs. Our services include:

We Can Guide You Through Probate

If one of your family members has passed away, we can guide you through the legal matters as you cope, and will assist with the probate process to ensure that the will is followed and the estate properly distributed. If there is no will, we will walk you through probate administration.

Ask About Your Options Today

We welcome inquiries about estate planning options and probate. We would be happy to help you. Please contact us online or call 704-735-1423 to schedule an appointment.

We have offices in Lincolnton and Denver and serve clients throughout Lincoln County with probate matters.

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