Balancing work with the stress of divorce

Balancing work with the stress of divorce

Divorce can present a number of challenges for people in North Carolina, including in the workplace. It can be hard to remain focused and productive during what is one of the most stressful experiences that many people ever have. However, talking about the divorce at work may not be the right solution.

In a competitive work environment, people may find that colleagues are not sympathetic and do not offer support. A person might consider talking to a supervisor about the divorce to explain a lackluster work performance, but the person should first consider whether this would be appropriate or helpful. It may be better to simply seek support from family and friends.

Some people might make the mistake of working too much. Becoming a workaholic may seem like a solution because it can be a distraction from the stress of the divorce, but it is unhealthy in the same way any other addiction is. A better approach may be to strive for forgiveness and understanding. People can examine and understand their role in the marriage’s end, and they can make an effort to forgive themselves as well as their former spouse.

Working through these emotions can help an individual enter into the negotiation process in a healthy way as they decide how to divide property and what to do about child custody and support. However, even couples who are experiencing a great deal of conflict may be able to avoid litigation, which can be more expensive, time-consuming and stressful than reaching an agreement outside of court. Mediation, which focuses on finding a resolution that suits both people, might help. If couples must go to litigation, a judge will try to divide property equitably and make a decision about child custody that is in the best interests of the child.

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