Be careful if you consider dating during a divorce

Be careful if you consider dating during a divorce

There are a lot of things that happen when you decide that you are going to divorce your spouse. Once the petition is filed, you might decide to move on with your life. During this time, you might meet someone with whom you share a romantic connection. Unless the divorce is finalized, you have to be very careful at this point.

For some individuals, such as those who have children, dating during a divorce might cause more headaches than they realize. This is because the court might look into how the dating parent’s behavior is impacting the children. The court must consider the best interests of the children when they are making decisions about the case. Dating could lead to adverse custody decisions.

There is also a chance that you having another romantic interest could turn the divorce sour. Your ex might decide that they don’t want to negotiate with you over the property division and child custody matters. This could leave you with no option but to head to a costly and lengthy trial to get everything resolved.

Dating while you are going through divorce could also mean that you are going to face a tough financial battle. If you purchased any gifts or used any marital money for anything related to your romantic interest, you might have to repay the marital estate

If you do have someone you are interested in, you might need to consult with your attorney to find out if they have any advice for you. Just remember that you need to balance the pros and cons of starting the relationship now or waiting until the divorce is finalized.

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