Challenges come with custody plans for special needs children

Challenges come with custody plans for special needs children

When your child has special needs, you have unique considerations to think about when you are going through a divorce. You can’t fall into the mode of thinking that traditional norms are going to work for you. Thinking about your child’s needs, requirements and wishes might help you to determine what needs to be done.

For some special needs children, transportation is a huge consideration. During a divorce, you have to think about which parent has the vehicle that can transport the child. This is important if the vehicle has to be adapted for a special wheelchair. You might have to set up the vehicle so that it goes with whichever parent has the child at the time. This likely won’t be an easy solution, but it might be better than having to purchase a second adaptive vehicle.

You will probably also need to be flexible with the schedule. Your child probably has a routine and might become stressed when that changes. Instead of expecting the child to adjust to the changes that are going on, you and your ex will likely have to commit to working around the points in your child’s life that can’t be changed.

Another aspect that can be challenging is coordinating medical care. Some children will have frequent doctor appointments,q and some might be in therapy. Making medical decisions for the child and making sure they have the support services they need will require both parents to work together.

You need to have a parenting plan established for the child so that you and your ex have guidelines for the child’s life. Set this up according to what your child needs now, and be willing to modify it later if necessary.

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