Custody decisions must be made on the child’s needs right now

Custody decisions must be made on the child’s needs right now

Having to deal with child custody issues during a divorce adds a level of stress that adults without minor children don’t have negotiate. The one thing that all parents going through divorces need to remember is that the child’s best interests remain foremost. We know that this might be difficult, but we are here to be the voice of reason when you just want to let your emotions take over.

When you are trying to work out a child custody agreement with your ex, you have to remember that compromise and respect are the two keys to settling the situation. By being willing to negotiate and work together without bickering now, you are setting the stage for a civil co-parenting relationship in the future.

We realize that you might have some challenging decisions to make. These can include decisions about where the kids spend the holidays, their education and health care. In all of these, you need to remember that your child’s individual needs are what’s important. Don’t do things just to get your way or to make life more difficult for the other parent.

The custody plan to which you agree should be based on your child’s life right now. If there are things that need to change as the child grows, a modification might be possible.

Whether you are going through the initial case or trying to modify an existing order, we can help you to get your case together. We know that you only want what you feel is best for your children and we will work toward that as a team.

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