Divorce mediation is often preferred over a trial

Divorce mediation is often preferred over a trial

Divorce cases can be handled through either mediation or litigation. The decision about which one of these to pursue is a difficult one for some people. There are several reasons why mediation is a better option for most people. These don’t apply to cases that involve domestic violence or a narcissistic party because those cases are usually impossible to mediate.

One of the primary reasons to mediate is because you can get things handled faster. This gives you a chance to move on toward a more stable life. Not only can you benefit from this, but your children can also benefit. Going through litigation usually takes longer because you have to prepare for the trial, and you have to wait for a spot to open on the docket. This can take a while, depending on how congested it is at the time. It is also usually less expensive to go through mediation since you don’t have the intense preparation or trial to go through.

Another reason to mediate the divorce is that you can have a say in the outcome. When you are going through this process, you will get to try to compromise with your ex. If you go through a trial, you have to present your case to the court, and the court will determine what to do.

No matter which option you are going through, you need to prepare for each step. This can help reduce your stress and might help you make better decisions. Just be sure to carefully consider each option that’s put on the table.

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