Do you hope to obtain child support after divorce?

Do you hope to obtain child support after divorce?

North Carolina residents, especially those in Lincoln County, may have many questions about what their lives will be like after ending a marriage. If you have children, you may have even greater concerns. Of course, each case is different, so you would be wise to gain information that pertains to your specific circumstances.

Who receives child support?

When it comes to awarding child support , the court typically grants that right to the custodial parent or the parent who will have the children most of the time, even in shared custody arrangements. In most cases, child support is determined with reference to the following factors: (1) the number of overnights the children spend in the care of each parent; (2) the gross monthly income of each party; (3) the payment of work-related childcare expenses by either party and (4) any health insurance premiums paid by a parent on behalf of the children.

The following is a list of common expenses for which child support payments are intended to be used:

  • Meeting children’s basic needs, which includes shelter, clothing and food
  • Paying for childcare
  • Providing entertainment
  • Ensuring transportation
  • Paying for school supplies
  • Covering costs of extracurricular activities and hobbies, such as sports or clubs

An award of child support will typically specify the sharing of uninsured medical expenses of the children and may also include provisions for dividing other specific expenses related to the children in the appropriate case.

Can you negotiate?

If you and the other parent are on good terms, you may have the ability to negotiate child support terms. However, where negotiation is not an option, a judge will ultimately decide the award of child support.

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