How to make amendments to a revocable trust

How to make amendments to a revocable trust

Individuals in North Carolina can use a living trust to identify a trustee who will become responsible for managing and distributing assets to heirs. A revocable trust allows the estate planner to make changes or amendments to the document as they see fit.

Estate planning professionals suggest that planners keep a copy of their revocable trust in a place where it will be safe. It is also a good idea for an attorney working with the planner to possess a copy. The saved copy should always be the latest version available, and the trustee should be made aware of each amendment made to the document.

When it is time for an amendment to the trust, the planner should begin with a blank sheet of paper. The heading “amendment” is necessary at the top of the page. The planner can then record the changes to the revocable trust. The planner should consult with a lawyer before he or she concludes the process to ensure that the amendment is doable according to applicable laws.

After finishing the last paragraph of the amendment, the document needs to be signed and dated. Two people other than the trustee should also serve as witnesses. It is a good idea to sign the document in the presence of a notary public who is authorized by the state to act as an official witness to a document signing.

The proper planning of an estate provides many benefits to the planner. These benefits include the peace of mind that comes from knowing loved ones are provided for. The documents involved with the estate planning process can sometimes become complex, and all steps must be completed correctly. An estate law attorney may provide assistance to an individual who wants to protect their family through estate planning.

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