Knowing your rights can help you plan your defense strategy

Knowing your rights can help you plan your defense strategy

Facing criminal charges should spur you into wanting to do what you can to build up your defense. There are many things that you have to consider when you are working on the strategy you are going to choose. Working with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with your type of case can be beneficial in these cases.

You have to think about the evidence that the prosecutor is using in the case against you. One of your priorities must be determining how you can make the jurors question the claims that are being made. Juries can’t convict someone if they have a reasonable doubt about the guilt of the person. In some cases, this might mean offering an alibi, but you should only do this if you have proof to back up the claims you are making.

Another consideration for many criminal defendants is determining whether they will testify in their trial. This is one that must be looked at from different angles. You can’t be forced to testify. You can claim protections under the Fifth Amendment; however, your protection would prevent you from answering all questions. You can’t pick and choose what you are going to do.

You may also need to think about whether there is anything that happened during the investigation, arrest or any other time in the criminal justice process where your rights were violated. There is a chance that violations can be used to have certain evidence or points suppressed. This could make it more difficult for the prosecutor to prove your guilt.

No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, you have to think about your goal for the case and the options you have for the defense. From there, you can set your plan.

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