Lack of arguments can lead to divorce

Lack of arguments can lead to divorce

Divorce is complex. Many people point to issues like constant fighting and arguing, claiming that they lead to divorce. And they certainly can. However, the truth is that just the opposite can also lead to the same outcome.

There’s a risk to never arguing with your spouse. It may predict the end of your marriage. It may show you that things have reached a point where they are not likely to turn around.

There are a few issues with couples who never argue. For one thing, if you used to argue and now you don’t, it could mean that one or both of you have just checked out of the relationship. You used to care, but you do not care any longer.

As one relationship expert put it, you “can’t be bothered anymore.” She said that indicated that something was missing from the marriage.

Another potential issue is that you may just be letting things build up. If you do not work through small problems and issues, they can seem to compound on one another. Eventually, something could set you off, and years’ worth of minor issues may have been simmering under the surface. You could have defused it if you addressed them one at a time, but you can’t do it with all of them at once.

Finally, a lack of arguing may mean you don’t how to disagree or how to work through those disagreements. When a major one comes up, you could feel like you have no option but to get divorced.

If so, make sure you’re well aware of the legal steps you need to take.

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