Property purchases may depend on zoning for the parcel

Property purchases may depend on zoning for the parcel

One factor that you have to consider when you are purchasing property is what the intended land use is. You also need look at the zoning, especially if you’re planning on using the property for commercial use. Sometimes, the local bylaws and ordinances have an impact on what you can do with a parcel you purchase, so don’t overlook any of those either.

Understanding the basics of these zoning principles can help you considerably when you’re searching for properties. The zoning of the property will take the intended land use into account, so you can usually start with just checking the zoning for the parcel.

There are three broad categories for zoning. These are residential, industrial and commercial. Within these, there are subcategories to further dictate what type of building is appropriate for it. For example, a residential zoning could be further described as a single-family home or a multi-family dwelling.

If there is a property that you’re interested in, there might be a chance that you’ll be able to have the zoning changed. You need to think carefully about the possibility of this occurring. For example, you might not be able to have a residential parcel changed to industrial if it’s in the middle of a neighborhood.

The process for changing the zoning for a property isn’t a quick one. You will have to show why the property should be changed to something else. Neighbors will get a chance to express their approval or concerns. You should be prepared for this process so that you know how you will handle any obstacles that come up.

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