Property surveys can help you avoid real estate problems

Property surveys can help you avoid real estate problems

Real estate problems are complex, sometimes costly legal concerns. They can cost you time and money, and they can ultimately impact what you are able to do with your land in the future. As a property owner, it is in your interests to learn as much as you can about your land. One way you can do that is by having a survey of your property done.

Property surveys can allow owners to find out certain important things about their property. This includes things like where boundary lines are and if there are any factors that could hinder future development. Whether you want to buy land, are considering this step in the future or already own property, you will find it a great benefit in seeking a new and up-to-date survey of your land.

Benefits of a survey

There could be things about your property you may not know about, even if you have owned the property for a long time. Some of the things that a survey can reveal that could be a surprise to you include the following:

  • Exact location of boundary lines
  • Gaps or overlaps of neighboring properties
  • Location of burial grounds or abandoned cemeteries
  • Location of pond, underground water, streams, lakes and more
  • Where utilities are, location of power lines and more
  • Location of utility or other types of easements
  • Zoning classification for the property

You may not be certain how any of these things could impact you, especially if you have lived on your property for a long time without problems. A survey can be useful if you hope to build, want to develop the land, want to erect a fence, put in a pool or sell a portion of your property. When you have the information you need about your property, you will be able to avoid disputes and issues that can arise in the future.

The impact of real estate problems

Real estate issues are more than just an inconvenience for a property owner. They can be costly and stressful, and you may even end up in court. It’s in your interests to avoid problems whenever possible. If you would like to find out what this means for your particular situation, you may want to start with a complete evaluation of your case.

Speaking with an experienced real estate attorney is a smart step for North Carolina property owners, especially if they want to know how to protect their long-term interests.

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