The end of marriage usually starts slowly

The end of marriage usually starts slowly

The period that leads up to a divorce is often a very emotional time. Some spouses don’t notice the toll that the situation is taking on each other until it is too late. There are quite a few common things that happen before a marriage ends that you can watch for in your marriage.

If you are having a rough time in your marriage, these are signs that you need to work on things. Failing to do so might lead to you heading toward divorce court.

  • You can’t come to agreements on important matters. While you might disagree on small things, such as where to put the sugar bowl, disagreeing on larger things like what school the children should attend can signal a big problem. Being unwilling to try to work things out, which often leads to withdrawing, can lead to disaster.
  • You avoid conflict for fear of being single. You don’t want to be alone so you conform to whatever your spouse wants. You lose your sense of self, which can’t last forever. Once you realize what’s happening, you will likely be ready to walk away.
  • You aren’t willing to let your partner know your feelings. Communication is a big part of marital success. If you feel you can’t let your spouse know how you feel, the situation might be hopeless. Some individuals might only show their anger or discontent to their partner, which is a sign that things are over.

The end of a marriage usually doesn’t happen over just one incident. Things like lack of respect or trust often come before the split. Once you realize that you can’t move forward with the relationship, it is time to call it quits. Learn your rights and protect yourself during divorce so you can start you new life out on the best footing possible.

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