What is parallel parenting?

What is parallel parenting?

A family is always a family, even when parents divorce. However, the family dynamics change in these situations. Family law in North Carolina acknowledges that decisions regarding children should be tailored to suit each family’s unique needs, and as such, joint custody may not always be best for children. Even though most family court judges prefer joint custody arrangements, this isn’t always appropriate, especially when the relationship between parents is not amicable.

How parallel parenting works>

If there has been a high level of dissention between a couple for some time, they might opt for parallel parenting rather than co-parenting since parallel parenting will give children access to both parents without exposing them to moments of extreme conflict. Parallel parenting allows parents to operate independently of each other concerning daily care of the children in that when children are with one parent, it is that parent who makes all the decisions regarding the children (aside from major issues like health care and education). In essence, each parent acts independently of the other with little to no communication between them about routine decisions regarding the children.

Is parallel parenting the right option?

The end goal of any child custody arrangement is that the children’s best interests are protected. While most routine decisions will be made by the parent exercising custody of the children, when it comes to making major decisions, parents may make them together or they (or the court) may decide that each should be responsible for certain types of decisions.

Whether it’s parallel parenting or some other child custody arrangement, parents must provide stability and security for their kids. Children need every chance to grow up to be happy, healthy, productive adults. A North Carolina attorney experienced in family law may be able to evaluate a family’s unique circumstances to help achieve the best possible outcome regarding custody of the children.

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