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Gray divorce: Why are late-life divorces on the rise?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Family Law |

Many North Carolina residents would agree that one of the most difficult things to experience in life is a marital breakup. It goes without saying that couples never go into a marriage with divorce in mind. However, the rate of divorce as a whole is actually on the decline in the United States. Yet, many studies are showing that divorces are rapidly rising among spouses aged 50 or older. This phenomenon has become known as gray divorce, and here are a few reasons why it’s happening.

Cultural changes

Generational views about marriage have changed over the years. Many of the societal stigmas that once surrounded divorce have all but disappeared in recent decades. Spouses today seem to be more concerned with their own happiness and fulfillment. Since life expectancies have increased, many spouses are simply refusing to stay in unhappy or unfulfilling marriages.

Empty nest

After children are grown, many older spouses come to believe that their marriage was held together by their children. For many years, spouses shared a common goal of raising the kids. However, once spouses become empty-nesters, they discover that they have become different people, and finding common ground often becomes a challenge. The foundation and structure of their marriage is no longer what it once was, so they decide to end it.

Many complicated issues can arise when divorce happens later in life. Those in North Carolina who have questions or find themselves going through a divorce may want to consult with a knowledgeable and qualified family law attorney who can protect one’s personal rights and provide much-needed guidance.



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