Family law: Becoming good co-parents after divorce

Family law: Becoming good co-parents after divorce

According to most professionals who work with children, those kids who have healthy relationships with both parents after divorce generally do much better than those who don’t. Parents in North Carolina who divorce and share custody of their children have guidelines in place thanks to the state’s family law rules which help them to co-parent the children. A solid co-parenting plan goes a long way to ensure the well-being of kids both emotionally and physically.

Benefits for children

When a former couple can move from a personal relationship to a co-parenting relationship for the sake of their children, then co-parenting can truly work. Parents will always be tied together to some extent by their kids and family is family even though the dynamic may have changed. When parents put their children’s needs before their own, they may find that can make decisions regarding them together and with mutual respect.

  • There are some ways co-parenting can be a positive experience for children:
  • They learn skills to problem solve
  • Gives them a sense of security — children feel the love of each parent
  • Better emotional and mental health
  • When kids see their parents working together peacefully, it sets a positive example and they learn those skills as well

Make it about the kids

Professionals remind co-parents never to put children in the middle of any conflict they are having with each other. Children don’t need to see conflict and they must never be used as messengers. It is also important that parents don’t speak negatively about each other in front of the children. It is ironic, but positive co-parenting may actually improve communication between former spouses.

Divorced North Carolina parents can become great co-parents. Those who could use some direction or help in establishing a co-parenting plan, may wish to speak to a lawyer experienced in family law. For these plans to work, they must be written well and adhere to the law, so legal advice might be wise.

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