Family law: Prenups are often necessary, although unromantic

Family law: Prenups are often necessary, although unromantic

Many couples who are planning on marrying are swallowing hard and having a talk about the what if’s. No couple wants to think about their marriage ending, but planning for the unforeseen is often necessary and very smart. Family law in North Carolina paves the way for couples to have a talk about a prenuptial agreement — something that makes good financial sense, even though it’s in no way romantic. Often called a prenup, this document outlines each person’s financial rights and obligations if the couple ends up divorcing.

Document can speak to individual circumstances

A prenuptial agreement can be as unique as the couple. Each person should seek independent legal advice when considering a prenuptial agreement. It is also wise to have some knowledge about the laws that govern this document. This is where an attorney’s advice could be invaluable.

There are other facets of the law that can be commingled with a prenup, such as estate planning. A lawyer may be able to explain what those are including the meaning behind an estate waiver. This is particularly relevant in second or third marriages.

A North Carolina attorney experienced in family law may be able to assist a client in writing a prenuptial agreement as per his or her own circumstances. There are things that can and cannot be included in the document and an experienced lawyer can explain what those are and why or why not. There is a significant emotional element tied to a prenuptial agreement and a sympathetic lawyer may be able to negotiate the agreement with this understanding. 

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