Keeping peace in the family during estate planning

Keeping peace in the family during estate planning

Parents never like to see their adult children disagreeing to the point that it causes their relationships to suffer. Parents in North Carolina who are thinking about estate planning need to put some thought into how those plans might affect their adult children when they pass away. Having a discussion about estate planning with their children is crucial if parents want their kids to continue to get along.

Disagreements less likely

When parents talk to their older children before writing an estate plan, it’s likely there is less chance for disagreement once the time comes for the plan to be enacted. Having an estate planning discussion will accomplish many important things. Here are some of those:

  • Let loved ones provide feedback about the estate plan
  • Make sure all family members understand what is in the estate plan
  • Let loved ones indicate which personal items they would like
  • Tell loved ones where documents will be stored
  • Let family members know about last wishes

Additional important information

A comprehensive estate plan will also include other details such as those regarding names of important contacts like an accountant, a lawyer or a financial planner. It will also include any details about social media accounts and chronicle assets and debts. When an estate plan includes all crucial information, loved ones will have a much easier time — as will the executor of the estate.

No parents in North Carolina want their estate planning documents to create bitterness between family members, especially between their adult children. It’s vital to obtain legal advice from a lawyer, before and while writing an estate plan. Having a plan which has received feedback from family members may go a long way to keeping the peace.

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