Trying to decide if divorce is right for you? Consider these tips

Trying to decide if divorce is right for you? Consider these tips

Many North Carolina residents find themselves struggling in their marital relationships. They may feel as if they and their spouse have become distant or that the relationship overall is just no longer satisfying and fulfilling. For you, the idea of whether it is time to end the marriage may have crossed your mind, possibly more than once.

Considering divorce is certainly a major step, and at first, you may have felt shocked that the thought even entered your mind. However, as some time has passed, you may still be thinking about it. If you have not yet fully decided to move forward with divorce but are still considering it, gaining information beforehand is a wise step.

Considerations before filing a divorce petition

Because ending a marriage is such a major life change, you undoubtedly want to make sure you are not making the wrong decision or jumping into something without fully thinking it through. Some ways you could ensure that you make the best decision for your situation include:

  • Discussing your feelings with a counselor or therapist who could help you work through your emotions and see the situation more clearly
  • Thinking about what you need and what will be best for you and not what might be best for your spouse or anyone else
  • Writing down the information you may need during a divorce case, such as how you want custody time arranged if you have children, whether you want to keep the house or whether you want spousal support
  • Determining what assets may fall into the category of separate property and what may be marital property
  • Taking your time when making this decision and ensuring that you feel comfortable with it

Another important aspect of preparing for a possible divorce is understanding how North Carolina law will handle the case. State laws can dictate how property division will take place, how to award spousal support and much more. You could also learn about the process as a whole and determine whether you feel ready to tackle the steps necessary to dissolve your marriage.

Having the right help

Though divorce can seem overwhelming, you likely have plenty of people on your side. Building a strong support network, which could include friends, family, a therapist and other professionals, may allow you to feel more confident as you decide whether this transition is right for you.

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