Plea deals might help you get your criminal case resolved

Plea deals might help you get your criminal case resolved

People who are facing criminal charges often want to have those taken care of as quickly as possible. This is especially true when they know that they did commit the crime and don’t relish the idea of going through a jury trial. For these individuals, a plea deal might be beneficial to resolve the criminal matter.

It is important to note that most prosecutors aren’t going to work directly with a defendant to determine the plea deal. Instead, they work with the defense attorney to come up with the terms of the deal. These can vary greatly, so anyone who is working on one should consider the specifics of the case before making any decisions about what is going to work.

When you decide to accept a plea deal, you are going to have to plead guilty or no contest in court. This is the equivalent of a conviction, so you must be prepared to deal with the consequences of this. As part of most plea deals, the prosecution agrees to seek a specific penalty. While this might seem like a foolproof way to have the case resolved, you must remember that it is only a recommendation.

Even when there is a plea deal on the table, the judge doesn’t have to accept the prosecution’s recommendation. The judge does have discretion as to the sentence handed down. For this reason, some plea deals include a lesser charge that will result in a more favorable sentence. If you are concerned about what the court might do, you should find out if this is an option for you.

No defendant who is truly not guilty should ever entertain the idea of a plea deal. These are meant only for people who acknowledge they committed the crime. Your defense attorney can help you understand the terms of a deal that’s being offered.

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