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Many people are concerned about what’s going to happen to the things they’ve acquired through life when they are gone. Just as importantly, though, most people want to know that their family will be okay and be able to act as a support to each other. Working with a Denver, NC, estate planning attorney can help you set up a plan to safeguard your property and provide for your loved ones, even after you are gone.

This plan must be made carefully, as the process of an estate being divided up and distributed can often lead to contentious strife among surviving family members. No one wants to worry that how their estate is handled will cause this kind of friction among the people they love. It’s also important to connect with a family lawyer to ensure the smooth transitions and legal compliance.

Proper estate planning is an essential tool for minimizing or even preventing the conflict that can come from how an estate is handled after one’s death. The effort and thoroughness that you put into your plan can increase the benefits that your family receives when the time comes. A thorough estate plan that addresses the possible points of contention can prevent conflict because it leaves no room for dispute.

The Jonas Law Firm, P.L.L.C.: Your Denver Estate Planning Lawyer

When you look ahead, you want to feel more at ease, knowing that your estate will be executed according to your wishes. You also want your family to be the support system for each other that they need at that time. To ensure this, you can benefit from working with a Lincoln County probate attorney from The Jonas Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

What Does a Denver, NC, Estate Planning Lawyer Help With?

A Lincoln County estate planning and probate attorney can help with a wide variety of issues and concerns related to estate planning. However, one of their most important assets is the experience that they have in planning how complex estates will be managed. The more comprehensive you wish your estate plan to be, the more complex the legal tools and structures are going to be.

To handle this complexity, it’s important that you work with a lawyer who is adept at understanding what estate planning tools are most effective for achieving the outcome you’re seeking. Some of the issues that an estate planning lawyer can help with include:

  • Estate Tax Planning – Often, one of the bigger concerns for someone doing estate planning is how to get more of their assets to their beneficiaries instead of taxes. Our attorneys can help structure your estate in a fashion that can minimize the tax burden.
  • Will Drafting – Wills are used to describe how assets should be distributed upon someone’s death. They are a simpler way to organize your estate, but they are still subject to the probate process in Denver.
  • Trusts – For those wishing to have more control over how the distribution of their assets works after their death, while avoiding probate court, a trust is often the correct method for doing so. These are complex legal instruments to create, but they have many advantages over traditional wills.
  • Guardianship – For parents of minor children, it’s important to arrange for the legal guardianship of your children in the event of your death. An estate planning lawyer can help ensure that you have the proper measures in place for this kind of situation.
  • Beneficiary Designation – For insurance policies, bank accounts, and retirement accounts, it can be important to designate a beneficiary who can access them when you’re gone.
  • Special Needs Planning – In cases where someone is caring for someone with special needs, it’s important that they have plans in place to care for them. An experienced lawyer can help you understand how to do that and set it up for you.
  • Business Succession Planning – If you own your own business, you will need a plan for how it will be managed and/or transferred to any successor or heir.
  • Healthcare Directives – We can also help you set up a document that outlines the type of medical care and treatment you would like to receive in case you are incapacitated.
  • Power of Attorney – If you are unable to make financial, legal, or healthcare decisions, you can arrange ahead of time for someone to have your power of attorney over these matters.
  • Probate – If your estate must go through probate, we can help guide your beneficiaries and the executor of the will to see that it is properly done.
  • Estate Litigation – If there are conflicts in the process of distributing an estate, we can represent clients in those disputes.

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When someone passes, it’s always a difficult time for the family. Emotions are raw and the possible tensions in a family dynamic can worsen. Old wounds and tensions can result in conflict and disputes. It’s a sensitive time, and members of the family will be in different places with their grieving.

This is particularly true when it comes time to finally sort out what needs to be done with the estate. Unfortunately, this can also drastically increase family conflicts. There is, though, a way to avoid, or at least drastically reduce, the tension that may occur when an estate is handled after one’s death.

Thorough estate planning is a kind of final gift that a person can leave behind for their loved ones. When an estate plan is well-designed and put together properly, it leaves little room for dispute and conflict. A solid estate plan minimizes the chances that family dynamics could turn ugly when you’re gone. Remember that, even if they wouldn’t normally act this way, they will be grieving and in pain, which can lead people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

You can help with their grieving process by putting together a thorough estate plan, and working with a Lincoln County estate planning attorney is critical to ensuring that your plan is comprehensive. If you’re ready to start your estate planning, contact us today.

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