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If you are involved in a real estate transaction, there are a variety of laws that apply to every step of the process. These laws are intended to ensure that each party has clear terms that they must follow. Real Estate contracts used in real estate transactions can be quite complex and confusing, so having a Denver, NC, real estate lawyer examine all the documents can help you better understand your rights and responsibilities in these matters.

There are many scenarios where you may be looking to do something with real estate. Perhaps you are trying to move into a new home, or maybe you want to build a house or add to an existing one. Maybe you are seeking to operate a business out of commercial real estate space. You may have everything all set to begin work, construction, or operations, but you need to make sure that everything is in alignment with the North Carolina real estate law.

Experienced Denver Residential & Commercial Attorney

At The Jonas Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we understand real estate law. We have operated in Western North Carolina for over 100 years, and those who work at our firm have seen real estate develop and our community grow. We look forward to watching that continue to happen.

Our firm hopes to assist our clients by helping address the real estate legal issues related to growth in our community. We want to make your real estate process as hassle- and stress-free as possible. That way, you can get back to using your property in the manner you desire, with the peace that comes from knowing that the legal necessities are properly handled.

What a Denver, NC, Real Estate Lawyer Can Help With

Real estate law encompasses many complicated laws. It often involves projects and transactions occurring in the proper procedure, meeting the requisite regulations, getting proper approvals, and complying with certain restrictions. Many of these matters must be handled properly for real estate use and transactions to be in compliance with the applicable government regulations.

Working with a real estate lawyer is a critical measure that can help ensure that you are acting and operating within the regulatory framework. This can prevent your project from being delayed or disrupted by unexpected complications. Some of the more common issues that we handle include:

  • Land Use and Zoning – Laws regarding how land can be used and what certain areas are zoned for can be complex. While a certain way of putting the land to use or building a structure on it may be legal, there are often a series of permits and approvals that are needed to be in compliance with those regulations. We help clients ensure that they have all the appropriate approvals.
  • Title Examination – Before you purchase a property, you want to be sure that the title is clear. You also need to be aware of any liens or other issues that could cause a problem for you. We help check the status of titles.
  • Due Diligence – Related to the title examination is the idea of due diligence. Based on what you want to do with a property, it’s important that you be aware of the full scope of laws and issues related to that property. We can help you investigate the relevant issues related to a property
  • Contract Drafting or Review – Real estate contracts, as with all contracts, should be thorough and address possible issues that could arise in a real estate transaction. Because a real estate lawyer is familiar with the kinds of issues that can arise in these transactions, they are uniquely qualified to ensure that a contract, purchase agreement, lease agreement, or other real estate agreement is sufficient and covers the issues and concerns that you need it to.
  • Closing Process – When it is time to complete a sale, a real estate lawyer can be important for ensuring proper documentation, transfer of funds, and other legal requirements.
  • Title Issues – Different conflicts can arise when you own a property, including those regarding the precise edges of boundaries and other disputes. A real estate agent can help clarify some of these issues and help bring a peaceful resolution.
  • Real Estate Litigation – Sometimes, it becomes necessary for the courts to decide a real estate dispute. Issues between property owners, boundary concerns, and breach of contract issues are all disputes that could end up before the court. We can represent clients in these proceedings and make the case for their side of the conflict.
  • Eminent Domain – There are times when the government may seek to acquire someone’s private property and take it for public use. We can represent those who are looking to challenge this process.

Get Help with Your Denver Real Estate Legal Needs

Real estate law can involve some of the more complex legal issues that we run across. In part, this is because it’s an area of law that is unfamiliar to most people, even many lawyers. People are usually unaware of it until they have personal contact with it. It’s this unfamiliarity, though, that makes it so critical to work with a real estate lawyer and law firm that has a strong understanding of these laws.

The complexities of real estate law, and the importance of how real estate is used, means that there is a tremendous cost to not being in accordance with the law. The last thing you want to do is invest time, effort, and money into a real estate venture, only to discover that there is some kind of legal issue that blocks it.

As a law firm that’s been operating for over 100 years, The Jonas Law Firm, P.L.L.C., has a strong understanding of the applicable laws and a familiarity with the area. We can help our clients meet their real estate goals in a way that aligns with the law, which can prevent some potential issues later on. If you’ve got real estate law issues in Denver, NC, or anywhere in Lincoln or the surrounding counties, contact us today to discuss your situation.

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